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ScotlandIS Cyber Showcase

ScotlandIS is delighted to be delivering an innovation-focussed programme which culminates in an investor showcase event called Cyber Showcase.

This programme will showcase the frontrunners of Cyber Security start-ups that are founded or headquartered in Scotland. The scope includes all companies identifying as cyber security, digital security (including compliance and governance) and online safety technology.

Join us on 24th November 2022, Edinburgh

The number of cyber companies operating in Scotland increased by more than 25 per cent this past year. Of these, nearly half are Scottish, and more than a fifth of those are start-ups. We are seeing some of crime protections most innovative solutions emerge.

CTOs and CISOs are urgently seeking new and innovative solutions, and yet navigating the sales market can become detrimental to their time. ScotlandIS is set to change that and provide a safe space for industry buyers to find what they need, quickly and noise free, directly from the founders of the high growth frontrunners identified.

Come along to the Showcase to hear directly from the founders of Scotland’s most pioneering start-ups in cyber security solutions.

What is the Cyber Showcase programme? 

The programme will include the following: 

  • A series of online and in-person training and information sessions focused on pitching, investment readiness and public speaking. These will be interactive sessions, run individually and in small groups to ensure quality tailored training and insights 
  • An opportunity to practice and perfect your pitch in front of experts before the showcase event 
  • An opportunity to pitch in front of Scottish and UK investors and potential partners from across industry 

What is the Cyber Showcase event? 

The Cyber Innovation Showcase will be held at The Higgs Centre at The Royal Observatory Edinburgh on 24th November, hosted by Greg Summers – an expert on public speaking and stage presence who has been coaching the participants – with a stellar Q&A panel involved who will be putting the companies through their paces after each presentation. The panelists are:

  • Pete Jaco, Chair / Non-Executive Director for high growth SME start-ups
  • Joshua Walters, Partner, Osney Capital
  • Elaine McKechnie, Senior Manager of Cyber Strategy, Frameworks & Threat Intelligence at Virgin Money

This will be followed by a keynote talk by Mark Robinson, Entrepreneur and Advisor to Startups, to round off the day before a Prize-Giving for Best Pitch of the day and Most Innovative Company, to be judged by the panel.

If you have any queries or want to know more about the Cyber Showcase programme, contact


The selected companies participating in the Cyber Showcase programme are:

  • PolyDigi Tech
  • Haelo
  • Nectis Ltd
  • HighGround
  • Lupovis
  • CyberShell Solutions
  • Dewar Cyber Consulting
  • OSP Cyber
  • LastingAsset
  • SafeShark
  • TrueDeploy
  • Blackwired

Read more about the participants here.



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