除了促销, networking and lobbying work the ScotlandIS team undertake on your behalf, 通过您的博天堂入口会员资格,您可以获得各种各样的商业利益.

从必需品,如保险, 密码管理和会计软件,以协助组织和主办活动, these benefits will help with the effective and efficient running of your business.

You can also take advantage of our discounted ESCROW service, 这为软件应用程序的用户提供了保护,以便如果“启用”事件发生, 用户可以访问源代码, allowing the applications to be maintained and further developed; this ensures business continuity.

Barrhead Travel has access to the UK’s biggest fares database, 这意味着他们可以提供140多家航空公司最优惠的机票价格,包括飞往美国和加拿大的特价机票.

As one of the largest independent travel agencies in the UK, Barrhead Travel has a huge pool of specialist knowledge. You’ll receive the best possible choice and prices, as well as impartial advice.

Barrhead还为会员提供额外福利,保证在ABTA旅游运营商的假期中享受5%的折扣, and up to 10% off Barrhead Travel own-brand holidays, with up to 14 days’ free standard European insurance*. With 25 branches and more than 450 knowledgeable and friendly travel experts, 没有比预订旅行更好的方式了. Specialist departments, ranging from Business Travel to Cruises to the USA & 加拿大, 从城市到遥远的假期, 这意味着有各种各样的选择可供选择,将吸引所有的旅行品味

如何申请折扣:只需在最初的咨询阶段告知barbarhead Travel,您是ScotlandIS的会员, and they’ll make sure that your discount is applied.

You’ll have access to unique special offers and exclusive travel deals.
来看看barbarhead旅行社能为你做些什么, just call 0800 083 6612 or pop into your local store for your personal quote.

作为ScotlandIS的会员,您可以享受barbarhead Travel会员的独家优惠, 你可以在WWW上找到这些.员工出差.co.uk



创造性的会议 are audio and online meeting experts, 提供完全集成的音频, 视频和网络会议解决方案. 所有的产品都是基于云的,操作简单,可以从当前的电话和IT系统中工作.

The team have expertise ac罗斯 a wide range of industries and business sectors, 允许最具成本效益和效率, online meeting and training solutions for your business.

创意会议自豪地为所有博天堂入口成员提供以下音频促销活动, 视频和网络会议服务.



FreeAgent is an online accounting application used by over 50,000 freelancers and small business owners worldwide. 它在评论上被评为5星.co.在2017年软件满意度奖中被评为最佳小企业会计应用程序.

它可以让你在任何地方经营你的整个业务. 你可以发送发票, 跟踪时间和费用, analyse bank statements and build real-time accounts, all done simply with no confusing accounting jargon.
Their customers say it puts them back in control of their business finances, 甚至让写书变得有趣. 不,真的!

作为对博天堂入口会员的特别优惠, FreeAgent提供2个月的免费试用和10%的终身折扣,如果你选择订阅. This is on top of FreeAgent’s 50% off new customers’ first 6 months.

Simply sign up here to take advantage of these great offers.

Get discounted access to Frog Systems’ wellbeing platform, Ashia.

Designed to support users in coping with pressures and stresses in the workplace, 在家里也是一样, ScotlandIS会员将获得20%的折扣,以获得该平台的全部优惠.

Ashia provides employees with a comprehensive range of resources, covering more than 16 major wellbeing areas including mental health, 金融健康, 面对虐待、多样性和包容性. 内容包括访谈, 播客, and panel sessions as well as tips and advice from leading experts and practitioners.

Free HR Advice for ScotlandIS成员 from HR Department.

解决棘手的人员配置问题,尤其是关键员工的问题,可能会很困难. 在技术上是正确的, whilst at the same time finding the best practical and pragmatic solution, and at the same time managing the emotions of the situation is a challenge. 为什么不从专业人士那里得到免费的帮助,让他们一直处理你“一生一次”的情况呢.

我们很高兴为博天堂入口IS会员提供特殊的人力资源建议,在处理棘手的员工问题或防止人际问题发生的第一时间. You will get your first 30 minutes advice absolutely free, 给你方选择,是自行处理,还是以折扣价与我方合作以达成满意的结果.

HR Dept is one of the UK’s leading HR providers, supporting thousands of organisations in all sectors. 我们提供本地和个人的建议,并确保它是实际和务实的. 我们提供全面的人力资源服务. 我们在博天堂入口各地设有当地办事处,并以我们务实的建议而闻名.


博天堂入口,获得30分钟的免费人力资源咨询,再加上5%的服务折扣和博天堂入口会员的培训. 伊恩Pilbeam. 电话:0131 297 7545. 访问:www.hrdept.co.uk

健康 & 来自卫生部门的安全建议和支持 & 安全部门.

Not every business can afford to employ its own 健康 & Safety expert, yet the responsibilities are the same whatever your budget.

H & S部门为您提供您自己的本地专家,他们将与您一起建立并交付您的H & S responsibilities and fully insure you in the process.

We are delighted to offer ScotlandIS members special rates for 健康 & 安全建议.

您将免费获得前30分钟的建议, 让您选择是自己处理情况,还是以折扣价与我们合作,规划一个安全可靠的未来.

欲了解更多信息,请联系H&电话0131 297 7545或电邮rob.moore@hrdept.co.uk


个性化学习是对你做事方式产生真正影响的最有效方式. 这就是教练的作用所在. Our highly-rated coaching approach has helped people gain personal insight, 处理困难的情况,发展自己的自我指导能力,帮助他们度过职业生涯. 我们帮助人们达到最佳状态!

教练可以为你提供支持, challenge and new learning to really drive you and your organisation towards success. 领导者可以使用指导来:

我们所有的教练都经验丰富,有自己独特的风格来帮助你释放你和你的团队的潜力. 他们将努力确保你有有影响力的经验,实现切实的目标和行动.

博天堂入口会员, The Leadership Factory are offering a discount on our standard coaching package. 我们的专家教练提供4个半天的课程,享受10%的折扣,并提供360度的反馈报告.

Please get in contact with Brian Glennie at brian@leadershipfactory.co.查阅详情.


博天堂入口航空公司与伦敦东北铁路公司(LNER)合作,为我们的会员提供往返爱丁堡的折扣, 纽卡斯尔, 达勒姆, 约克和伦敦的国王十字车站.


享受LNER新公司单人房的标准随时房25%的折扣, 博天堂入口行政套餐八折,你需要做的就是联系ScotlandIS索要促销码, 在LNER的小型企业在线预订工具- LNER4Business上申请一个免费的商业帐户-在您的申请表上引用博天堂入口会员的特殊代码, and the discounts are automatically added to your account – it couldn’t be simpler.

For more information on the Standard Corporate Anytime Single offer 点击这里 (25%折扣)

For more information on the Scottish Executive Package offer 点击这里 (20%折扣)




my1login solves the problem of remembering and managing your business passwords. 设置时间不到5分钟, my1login works in conjunction with existing business passwords, allowing employees to access web sites with just one login.

Since employees no longer have to remember passwords, 它们可以变得坚固和独特, 提高业务安全性. my1login also provides an audit trail of password access, removes the problem of insecure password storage and sharing, 并使员工轻松离职.


Get 12 months of free cloud hosting from SoftLayer.





Due to the volume of attacks and breaches on company insecure websites, and the current uncertain times we all face during 新型冠状病毒肺炎, 蓝盾IT为任何关注其安全的企业提供免费的网站漏洞扫描.

To register your interest, please email enquiries@blueshielditns.com
成员hip starts from just £100+VAT for businesses, or £20+VAT for individuals.

Find out more about how we can benefit your business, and help to grow the digital economy in Scotland here, 或者现在就加入.





  01506 472 200 罗斯.murray@kelfoundhermattch.com